MBS Mountainboards is the original mountainboard manufacturer since 1993! We have a comprehensive line up of boards to suit every style of rider. If you want something special – you can always spec your own board!

We have also developed a lot of longboards over the years – these have now been split away from being a range within the MBS brand to a brand of their own – ATOM Longboards. We have also acquired Deville Skateboards.

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158Wh Lithium Battery - 1400W Dual Hub Motors


1000W Single Belt Drive - 90Wh Li-Ion Battery

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104Wh Lithium Battery - 700W Hub Motor


1000W Single Belt Drive - 90Wh Li-Ion Battery


MBS Comp 95X – Birds


The Comp 95X is the monster truck of the mountainboard world. It can go almost anywhere!


Dylan Warren's signature model. This is our top of the range mountainboard featuring our best components.


MBS Comp 95 – Birds


The Comp 95 is the Swiss army knife of mountainboards. Versatile and suitable for riders of all levels.


MBS Core 94 – Axe


The Core 94 is the perfect choice for kiters and lighter mountainboarders looking for an all round versatile board.


The Colt 90X is an entry level recreational mountainboard that comes fully assembled and fitted with a brake system.


The Colt 90 is an awesome entry-level mountainboard that is designed to get people into the downhill or kite landboarding.


The All-Terrain drop deck opens up a new world for longboarders,


The All-Terrain Longboard opens up a new world for longboarders,