MBS Hire and Ride Team

Our mobile hire and ride team are fully trained by the ATBA – UK mountainboarding instruction qualifications and have valid first aid certificates. Being the largest mountainboard brand allows us to keep a fleet of boards that are modern, well maintained and of the highest standard. We also provide full protective equipment including knee pads, elbow guards, wrist guards and a helmet. Where it is required we also provided leashes for each board.

MBS Mountainboards hire and ride team

We run our hire and ride at some of the largest events in the country often in tandem with our Big Air Mountainboard Show which draws in the crowds and showcases the sport in the best way. We feel the two work best together. The governing body for mountainboarding, the ATBA, often support us at these events too, providing information to those wishing to get into mountainboarding.

Hire & Ride vs Have A Go

Sometimes we attend events that do not wish their visitors to pay for attractions. In this case we run “Have A Go” sessions whereby the event organisers cover a flat fee per day, and we let everyone have a go free of charge. This is popular with large organisation’s events such as the Scouts or corporate events.