MBS has always believed in supporting riders. For that reason we have by far the largest team in the mountainboard industry and also one of the biggest land based kiteboarding teams. From the very start we have done our best to help our riders develop their skills, travel to events and help spread the word. We support riders at all levels, from juniors to masters and are always on the look out for talent.

Mobile mountainboard demonstrationOne big part of the MBS Team in recent years has been the Pro Demo Ramp. This appears at a number of large events each year and showcases mountainboarding to the masses. The MBS Pro Mountainboard team are the riders who are at the top of their game and take part in these events performing a Big Air Mountainboard Show in which they jump, grab, spin and flip.

Find out more about the MBS Pro Demo Ramp and the Big Air Mountainboard Show and watch some of the videos.

To help grow the sport we have developed a mobile Mountainboard Hire and Ride team which give everyone the chance to try out mountainboarding, and get a taste for it using the best equipment with the help of qualified instructors.

MBS Pro Mountainboard Team

These are the guys who help test new products to further our R&D. They ride harder than anyone and need the best performing gear. Our Pro Team are also the guys who perform stunts all round the UK as part of the MBS Pro Ramp Big Air Mountainboard Show, and regularly travel to Europe to represent us in competitions and at demos. They also perform MBS Pro Rider Clinics.

Pro Kite Team

  • Lewis Wilby (UK)
  • Lennart Van Schuilenburg (NLD)
  • Yusca Balogh (NLD)
  • Emmanuel Norman (DEU)
  • Dave Ursell (UK)
  • AJ Philipsen (UK)

Team Manager

  • Tom Beaton

Mountainboard Team

  • Jamie Johnstone (UK)
  • Rhys Crilley (UK)
  • Diego Anderson (FRA)
  • Remi Bethoux (FRA)
  • Alexandre Bietrix (FRA)
  • Kevin Lebaudy (FRA)
  • Simon Lefebvre (FRA)
  • Marcin Skubisz (POL)
  • Ruben “Qbo” Rubio (ESP)
  • Flavio N. (ESP)
  • Amon Shaw (UK)
  • Ben Searle (UK)
  • Emlyn Bainbridge (UK)
  • Mark Adams (UK)

Kiteboarding Team

  • Jack Daykin
  • Robbie Shire-Maidment
  • Sukie Robertson