All the components that make up our boards and a whole lot of extras are available to buy as accessories. We have also created a range of bags, heelstraps and protective gear to help you make the most of your board time.

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Every board model is available as a deck only. This is a great way of upgrading your current board or building your dream board.


The life blood of a mountainboard is in the trucks. Carving is king and the way you carve is determined by your trucks and suspension. MBS has pioneered trucks systems since the early 90 and are still at the top of their game. Grab some ATS, Vector, or Matrix trucks. We also do a complete range of spares and upgrades.


We do a number of different parts including tyres, hubs, tubes and bearings as well as complete wheels. In terms of tyres pick 8″ Roadies for solid street carving, the aggressive and light 8″ T1s for speed, the T3 for grip or the 9″ T2 tread for serious off road riding.

Bindings & Heelstraps

Bindings are an important part of keeping you connected to your board whether your carving or taking to the air. Heelstraps give you a permanent attachment to your board which is essential when throwing more aggressive maneuvers such as spins or flips.

Helmets & Pads

You have to look after yourself! A helmet is an essential piece of kit so wear one – your mum will thank you! We all know scars and scrapes are a good way to look tough but after a while they just plain hurt. Get fully geared up with a set of knees pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. The more solid you feel when you ride the more aggressive your riding will get. MBS has a full range of pads and a size to fit almost every rider.

Board bags & leashes

Board bags help keep the car clean, brakes are essential for alpine riding on narrow trails, and leashes help you not lose your board down a hill. We also have a range of DVDs to keep you entertained at night.

Shop for accessories and spare parts now!